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GK Forge core activity is the forge department composed of:

  • The Cutting Room:

    • 5 cutting lines with mechanical cutting shears for diameters from Ø6 to Ø65,

    • 4 lines of band saws operating in the range from Ø6 to Ø300

  • The forge department is equipped with 17 production lines. The lines comprise:

    • 3 lines with 250-1300T screw presses,

    • 1600T mechanical press,

    • 10 lines of vertical and horizontal forging machines in sizes from 1 "(50T) to 3" (500T)

    • eccentric presses

    • longitudinal rolling mill

    • induction heaters for all forging sockets

  • Finishing Department:

    • 4 work centres for eccentric / toggle presses in sizes 63T to 630T

    • 3 lines of rotor-belt cleaning systems

    • flaw detector

Thanks to our machine park we can manufacture:

  • die forgings in the weight range from 0.05 to 7 kg,

  • upset forgings in the diameter range from Ø8 to Ø40 and in the length range from 35mm to 12000mm.

We produce forgings using carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel as well as brass.

The finishing department operations include, among others:

  • cold marking,

  • calibrating,

  • punching and cold trimming.

The department is operated by experienced and qualified staff.

The plant’s capacity is 10,000 t per year. At present,  we produce 7,000 t.

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